The analysis of planetary and stellar cartography is the next geospatial frontier, and Roberto Jimenez’s QGIS plugin “OpenPlanetary Tile Loader” is a significant step in this direction.

This plugin provided by OpenPlanetary allow us to access various basemaps of Mars and The Moon. To explore its functionalities install the plugin in QGIS via the Plugins Manager.

Once installed, the OpenPlanetary Tile Loader icon is displayed in the Plugins Toolbar, as illustrated in the picture below:

Once opened, you can add Mars and Moon basemaps into your QGIS Project.

Let’s add the Mars Colour MOLA elevation basemap into our project.

Mars Shaded Grayscale MOLA Elevation

OPM Mars Basemap v0.2

In this way, we can get much closer to the surface of these celestial bodies and learn a lot more about them.

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