One of the main objectives of TYC GIS Training company is to establish alliances, both in the field of training and consulting, with related entities, which will lead to positive synergies for both parties. TYC GIS has established relationships with Professional Associations related to GIS sector, from engineering to environmentalists, in order to collaborate in the GIS and Remote Sensing and educational process.

A short description of the partnerships and agreements established by TYC GIS is available below. Members belonging to these entities can advantage discounts and additional benefits.

Is a BRITISH overseas investment with head offices in London and Flight Operations and Customer Service Centre in Madrid. The company is approved in accordance with European EASA Part-FCL regulations. Among the Company Management Board is included a team of aviation experts, all with pilot training backgrounds, and renowned airline experience.

It is an entity specialized in the technical quality training, for professionals in engineering and in the environment sectors . Its trainers are specialized in each GIS related engineering and environment management subjects, offering a wide variety of courses, with a practical and professional approach, using up-to-date quality teaching materials.

Mexican Flying School, dedicated to training of drones pilots and operators.

Collaborates with various certified instructors, with several years of experience operating RPAS.


It is an official public law entity whose main purpose is the professional management of technical computer engineering in Andalusia.


It is the Galician industrial engineer scientific society. It is not an associative entity for union purposes or political objectives, but rather seeks to improve the socio-technological reality of Galicia by pursuing the excellence in the professional field of Industrial Engineering.


It is an association of former students, with the purpose of distributing job offers, courses of interest for associates, invitations to playful and cultural activities related to the profession or other community interest data.


It was founded on 20th May, 2007 as the successor to the dissolved Federation of Students and Environmental Science Students of the Community of Madrid (FELCAM), maintaining and expanding its aims with the desire to become the all environmentalists benchmark and Madrid Community students of Environmental Sciences.


Its purpose is to ensure that Geologists develop their profession with scientific rigor, and also work to rank the profession and ensure that the professional geologist duties that are often carried out by non-graduates or professionals from other non-geological careers.

If you are part of a professional association or college, related to our sector, and you are interested in taking advantage of the benefits we offer you, contact us. We wait for you!