This is a really well tutored course, with great attention to the student.

Oliver Sánchez

This is a really well tutored course, with great attention to the student.

Oliver Sánchez

This has been my first online training experience and, in spite of my initial objections, it has complied in excess my expectations. As you are forced to solve the exercises by yourself. I have been realised that you learn much more, and at your pace. 100% recommended. It is special if you are interested in mining or geology, with perfect examples to be used in real practice.

Paulo Romero MartínezGeologist

This is an excellent course with a fast work pace. It taught me that even online, you can learn under good conditions.

Pablo Hernández FerreirósGeologist expert in Adevanced Computer Science

A professional and very aducational course. Highly recommended.

Beatriz Carbonell BarriosGeologist

This course has allowed me discover new GIS applications in my professional area that are going to facilitate calculations and be of great support when studying alternatives for project locations and the assessment os posible affections produced by future activities.

Adela SobalerEnviromental and Mining Engineer

The course is very well organized (designed by chapters where the content is explained in detail and includes exercises that help consolidate the related content). You have to work hard and commit, but you learn a lot. You have to work in a big variety of exercise which is the best way to learn how to manage this software. From my point of view, exercises are well focused as in a big majority, they are real life cases.

Maria Sánchez

The experience has been pretty positive. It’s true that this is a high level course and it may advance too fast fot those without previuos experience, but I am very happy with what I’ve learned and I am sure that it will be of great professional value.

Alfonso Coya Testón

The learning platform is very acessible and all instructors have been very attentive, answering to all doubts brought up. I recommend this course to anyone interested in an intensive GIS training.

Adriana Ruiz Illescas

It has been a positive experience, providing good exercises and manual.

David Rodriguez GonzálezGeologist

A very good course. It hace a nice learning method with practical exercises.

Juan Pablo EspinozaSurveying Engineer


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