From the US Geological Survey USGS website we can have access to geological information from almost anywhere around the world, using WMS servers that can be included in any GIS program. (* We need to take into account that these online services can be temporarily unavailable or stop working at some point).


If you are ArcGIS users, we include a little guide to load this type of services into your projects. Access from ArcCatalog to GIS Servers, choosing the option Add WMS Server and follow these steps:

1) Copy the URL address from the service and paste it in the first box.

2) Choosing Get Layers will show us the content that we can get from the server.

3) Press OK and search inside Catalog (GIS Servers) the service that we have added. You should expand the tree and drag the layer that we are interested in to the Table of Contents.

4) The information will load as a map layer. We can see its characteristics to manipulate its visualization.





Next we show you some examples of a few of these services.

World geologic map. Scale 1:35000000


World map of operations and installations (mines, refinery…)


We can also find some further detailed maps, with geological information regarding geology, faults and contacts.

Geological units, faults and contact at a 1:100.000 scale, in Hawaii.


These are just a few examples, but there is a huge amount of information accessible in this website.

There are many sources of information that we can find in the internet that we will gather and keep on updating for you to consult them.

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