Cartography is a critical component of any GIS. QGIS is a free GIS, and its developer community is constantly developing new plugins to extend its functionality.

One of these is the “Globe Builder,” plugin, which can add a globe to your map or layout. The plugin can be installed easily by going yo to the Manage and Install Plugins (under the Plugins menu toolbar).

Once installed, you can open the plugin by going to the the Plugins menu toolbar. By clicking on the Build Globe view, a new window will open. It is preferable to maximize it.

In this Globe Builder new window select: data sources according to your preferences, the projection, and the coordinates based on which the Globe will be centered. Following these steps, you can add the Globe to a Map or to a Layout.

If you prefer to change the globe appearance, you can change the settings in the Visualization section (in the same Globe Builder plugin window).

The globe added to a map.

The globe added to a layout.

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