TYC GIS’s new ArcGIS Pro Beginner Level Course will introduce you to ArcGIS Pro, ESRI’s most recent Desktop GIS application. It is a new software technology that was developed to meet the needs of an ever-expanding GIS community, and it includes scientific tools for answering difficult questions through spatial analysis.

The training materials of this course will concentrate on:

  • the main ArcGIS Pro user interface components (the ribbon view, panes, views, etc.);

  • data models (vector and raster data models);

  • data interaction tools, data symbolization;

  • Coordinate Systems (projections and georeferencing);
  • creating and editing data;
  • joins and relates between layers and tables, spatial joins;

  • geoprocessing tools (extract tools, overlay tools, manage data tools, generalization tools, proximity tools, etc.);

  • map-making (map layouts, map elements, map printing, etc.).

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