Once again, Geographic information demonstrates its large applications for great initiatives as the one seen in the Global Fishing Watch: a tool to observe fishing fleet activity around the world.


This technology platform, still a prototype, allows any person with access to the internet monitor all fishing activity happening around the world, revealing marine areas under fishing pressure. This valuable stored data is available for researchers and companies related to the fishing sector to help them proof that they are complying with laws and regulations.

Furthermore, any citizen will be able to consult this information and check special places they care about helping improve sustainable practices.


The project, carried out with the collaboration between GoogleOceana and Sky Truth, uses satellite data that registers gps location, speed and direction of travel, and ship identity, displaying the movement of ships continuously on a web viewer. This system is able to identify if the ship´s activity is related to fishing or not, depending on its navigation pattern.


To learn more about Global Fishing Watch, please visit the project site and take a look at the project´s video.

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